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I specialize in management consulting especially in turnaround and performance improvement practice. I am also an expert in data science implementation for businesses.



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Developed a machine learning driven fintech business dealing with small ticket unsecured loans. I also consulted India's largest distressed housing finance company. I did a pro-bono project with McKinsey on future of India's education

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CFA Level 2 IIT-IIM Graduate KPMF Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

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Qus : For smaller projects, is it useful to do automation testing using Agile methodology, rather than only carrying out testing directly at the UI level? Or for smaller projects is it counter-productive?

Sourabh Choraria

Automation works on economies of scale. If the project is too small and automation takes too much time its better to do it directly. But keep in mind if you are looking for talent development or usage of the automation in future projects (economies of scope), you might go for automation

Qus : Which is the best option amongst R programming, Tableau Public, SaS or Spark Apache or any other? It is required to deal with huge data and that can be used across platforms such as UNIX, Windows and MacOS. It should be highly effective for web and social media analytics. Has good library for algorithms and can be easily shared with the client. Suggestions are welcome.

Sourabh Choraria

R if you are looking for an inexpensive and robust solution It's not GUI friendly as its basic level but has an awesome library of algorithms and has huge development community

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