Ajinkya Wagh


HR Services (Viz. OD, Legal Frameworking, Policy Adminstration / Advisory, Recruitment and Selection, JA, Skill Profiling and Augmentation, and Admin. Services ( viz. Office Set up Implementation, Office Management Services, Vendor Management, Stakeholder Management) on Project or Assignment Basis



Corporate Social Responsibility


Human Resources and Skill Development


Professional Services


Z - Others

Experience / Projects

1. ITIM / Telecom JA and Staffing for ITIM Company. 2. Office and Business Process Developmemt and Administration 3. Recruitment Devision Establishment. 4. Staff Augmentation and Skill Profiling for IT Product Development Company. 5. Organisation Development of IT Software SaaS Product Development Company. 6. Planning for OD of Security Services Organisation. 7. Distributorship Operations Development of Industrial Fabrication Works Company. 8. CSR Activity planning for School Organisation

Memberships / License / registration

Awards and recognitions

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