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Qus : What are the benefits of promoting internal talent compared to recruitment from outside?

Suneel Kumar

Promoting Internal Talent Vs Sourcing from outside have their advantages and disadvantages. Experience shows that you can benefit more from promoting internal talent by grooming the high potentials to the suitable role. The following come to my mind: 1. Loyalty of the employee; 2. Capitalisation on existing business relationships with internal, external customers; 3. Improved psychological contract; 4. Positive vibe within the organisation and thereby better motivation to other staff; 5. Cheaper to hire external people in junior positions and develop them; 6. Disruptive thinking vs disruptive culture trade-off; and the list goes on.. What you may compromise on is 1. Different thinking styles; 2. Experience from outside the organisation (sometimes very valuable) to challenge the status-quo 3. Disruptive thinking vs disruptive culture trade-off Email me for more info. Regards! Suneel

Qus : How important is a building of talent pipeline for startups compared to MNCs, where it is a normal practice as MNCs have access to a huge talent pool?

Suneel Kumar

Hi Chirag, Talent should always be given utmost priority whether or not its MNC. Setting up the pipeline and building up on the same gives you an edge as its easier to manage the growth with the organisation. If you hold back on this, you will have a huge mountain to climb later on. Furthermore, this exercise will give you the opportunity to identify the training needs early and groom the resources early to make them suitably fit for the jobs. For more info, please email me and we can chat in detail. Regards! Suneel

Qus : Are outbound trainings more effective when the company takes the employees at places where they are near the nature, rather than 5-star hotels in metro cities? Or are both equally effective with no difference?

Suneel Kumar

Great question! My experience with training various large corporations gave me an opportunity to address this. 1. Nature exposure gives you a different perspective toward the training. It also depends on how the training is handled, conducted and managed from content, activities as well as the trainers ability to capitalise on the resources at hand in such contexts. 2. Taking the delegate attendees away from closed boardrooms also have a psychological advantage of putting them at ease. 3. Evening sessions around a campfire have more positive impact than the ones during the round table discussions for example. For more insights, contact me directly on my email. Regards! Suneel Burra

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