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Infiiot Technologies is industrial automation, electronics design, and consultancy company We work in domains such as embedded design, IoT, industrial automation, Home automation, robotics, product design, electronics product consultancy. We help our clients to convert their electronics products idea into reality. We provide consultancy to sectors like industries, agricultural, medical, defense, and give technically viable solutions to them. Alongside, We also develop in-house products.



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Our Clients: Jio, DRDO, ISRO, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, NI Logic, Niche Marketing, Striking tech, Devaji Industries, and many more. Our Products: Infiiot Platform - IoT Cloud Platform, Infi-Drive - Smart Motor Driver, Infi-Mesh - Fleet of mesh connected sensors, and many more.

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Qus : In architecture terms, how is 'green design' or 'sustainable design' different from the contemporary design? What benefits it has for the end user?

Arpit Shrivastava (Technical Lead)

In simple words, we use green design for efficient use of resources and contemporary are the one we use for luxury Detailed Explanation: The operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. People are now concerned about factors such as economy, utility, durability, and comfort. The practice of Green and Sustainable design is growing throughout the world making people concerned about various issues regarding building design and have achieved quite a lot of success. Every country in the world has its own traditional architectural styles. Traditional architectural styles involve the use of materials that are locally available and are available in abundance. But lately, after the industrial revolution and the creation of energy-intensive materials, the mindsets of people have changed drastically. They crave more fancy designs that involve the use of materials that are not available locally but are imported from different cities of the country or altogether different nations of the world. This style is called “Contemporary or Modern Design.” This became like the status symbol for the rich. Like people would say, “This is the best Italian marble available in the Italian market, Malaysian Wood furniture, maple wood flooring from America” etc. This is something that people should stop practicing.

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