Anand Karthik


I am a professional Amazon Marketplace Manager with over 5 years of experience selling on Amazon. I have assisted hundreds of Amazon Marketplace Accounts and have managed over 500 million dollars in revenue on Amazon. I have experience with all types of Amazon sellers including - private labels, distributors and retailers. I offer full-time account management as well as consultation.



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What Can I Do For You? - Seller Account & Product Optimization - SEO, FBA, Product Reviews, Seller Feedback, Product Variations (EVERY category) Brand Protection, and Category Approval. - Advertising - Budget-friendly and EFFECTIVE advertising on Amazon. - FLUENT in Vendor Central - I am knowledgable and fluent in managing Vendor Central Amazon accounts, in addition to Seller Central Amazon accounts. - EVERYTHING ELSE AMAZON - I've been working closely on this selling platform for a very long

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