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Qus : Are outbound trainings more effective when the company takes the employees at places where they are near the nature, rather than 5-star hotels in metro cities? Or are both equally effective with no difference?

Sanjay Goel

Thank you for asking. I would like to answer your question. It depends on the objective of the training. If you want participants to relax and de-stress themselves, or a workshop is on team building where lot of outbound activities are planned, then a place close to the nature would work wonders. Such initiatives require lot of time and money hence they are limited to once in a year. However, if the workshop is more towards learning and developing the participants, banquets with good ambience and food is preferred. Such workshops happen frequently. One important thing to remember is, whenever you have trainings, ideal would be to do it away from your office otherwise participants are unable to give 100% attention to the workshop. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

Qus : What are the benefits of promoting internal talent compared to recruitment from outside?

Sanjay Goel

There are many benefits 1. No cost of hiring 2. Little induction and time to get familiar with the culture is required 3. Employee is familiar with the work culture. On boarding is quick 4. Required training is limited 5. Performance results are immediate 6. Motivation to other employees to perform better 7. Promotion can be used as a reward for performing employees However, to promote internal employees, we need to plan and train the employee in advance so that he takes up the higher responsibilities with ease. Also, criteria of promotions and the process should be transparent, giving opportunities to all eligible employees otherwise it will create a dissent or dissatisfaction.

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