DROIDMAKK ( Kabeer )


I can deliver and develop almost anything in today's technology. Me, I'm a Computer guy who took Electrical Engineering. Delivered an IoT Project when it wasn't even a term. I helped startups and clients to convert their IDEAS, DREAMS to life with Technology. It all started with my final year college project about Home Automation using PHP - Arduino - My Little Brain.



Information Technology

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I've delivered applications from simple e-commerce, kiosk to complex movie uploading applications. I've used frameworks like ExpressJS, GraphQL, React, React Native, and Vue. I've used design systems like Material-UI, Ant Design System. I've created my own templates with automated deployments for faster deliveries. I've developed complex Authentications, Video Streaming Platforms, etc. I've used Azure, AWS, and Firebase for Cloud deployments and previews I've used Github, Bitbucket, and My most

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