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Qus : In today's market, how well accepted are the Indian traditional fashion prints such as Bhandhani, Patola, Batik, Ajrakh, Kalamkari, etc.? Are these techniques flourishing or are they becoming obsolete?


Hi Mitali, Hope you are doing good. Come to ur query, let me tell you that all abv prints and all our Indian traditional prints are evergreens for decades. Our Indian culture is full of positivity and it flourishes with colors n motives, showing the depth of our tradition. Well-teamed n combined colors make d apparel more royal and enhancing its total look, and thus, the main outfit for all bridegroom families to stand out differently. These prints are going to be in demand especially for traditional costumes, expressing one's happy n Joyce mood. U urself try it out. Rest it Thanks Regards Rekha RkFmMumbai

Qus : Doing yoga is good for employee health, but how do one keep them motivated to continue doing yoga on regular basis in the long term?


Hello there, it's have been proposed that fresh mind has given more fruitful results coz peace of mind as compared to exuested ones. As a freelance consultant, I am always suggesting to keep some time ( 30/45 minutes) every day for yoga n meditation.its should be well planned with different agenda every day and some special recognition should be extended who r really perform in excellence.it will motivate others too.also keep workshop and small talk shows from different expertise at least once in a month to actually know the related subjects in more depth .

Qus : For a job with high pressure and long working hours, what is the best diet that can help to reduce stress and keep one healthy?


First of all, try not to take work pressure. Complete the job work on the same day n don't carry forward. If ur concentration is good, u can deliver quality work smartly. It's a time of smart work over hard work. So make sure, u manage your office hours smartly for work with a lunch break, one 5 minutes power snooze, and 10/15 minutes general talk with office colleagues. Now let's come to the food. Considering office time from 10 am to 5 pm, we always leave home after heavy breakfast( must), around 11/11:30 you should have one fruit and hand full of dry fruits. ( u can carry daily), around 1 pm hot water and at 1:30/2 pm max your proper lunch with salads n vegetables and if possible curd or buttermilk ( always with lunch n not with dinner).around 4/4:30 tea with some homemade baked crunches and then direct dinner max till 8 pm.make sure u take 6/7 glass of water from 10 am to 5 pm. One extra point always has food with a smile without any work talk and do rotate pulses and vegetables to make food interesting. Take care. Enjoy your every single bite . Regards

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