Deepak Nariani


Freelance recruiter, Developing Policies & Procedures, Conduct Salary Survey, Design new grading, Salary structures, HR Manual, Induction & Training Manuals, etc.



Aerospace and Defense


Financial Services


Healthcare and Life Sciences


Human Resources and Skill Development


Market Research

Experience / Projects

Implementation of HRMS project, Conducting salary surveys and revamping staff salaries, grading and salary structures, Recruitment & Training vendor Management, etc.

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Appreciation letter for cost saving ideas,

Qus : For recruitment and talent acquisition in services industry for tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India , which is the most suitable online portal to find the right candidates?

Deepak Nariani

I find LinkedIn one of the most cost effective and best option for any type of hiring, irrespective of the industry.

Qus : What are the benefits of promoting internal talent compared to recruitment from outside?

Deepak Nariani

Talented internal employees are like water. They will grow your business and expect to grow their career. If you don't provide them growth opportunity, they will find it elsewhere. Promoting the wrong employee will be disastrous for any Organisation.

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