Mallesh Gaddam

22-02-2021 11:55 AM

Looking for a CSR Consultant in the education sector, who can help us connect with the corporates for CSR activities. We have the right product and solution to develop the skills of students. Please connect with us at

Neha Kohli

31-10-2019 11:10 AM

What are the parameters to consider to find out if the company has good or bad CSR practices?


05-11-2019 04:27 PM

CSR tells us about who the Company is, what it believes in and how it is doing Business.

Nikhil Jogdand

17-06-2020 03:16 PM

Hi, Greetings! I am attempting to provide a brief overview to address your query. The parameters could be divided into two possible categories ( which could be further divided into various subcategories) to understand if the company has GOOD or BAD CSR practices. a. MACRO b. MICRO Macro parameters represent the company's overall policies regarding Environmental, Social, and Legal compliance whereas the micro parameters investigate deeper in the previously mentioned macro parameters such as monitoring framework of projects, CSR policy & activities disclosure in the annual report, alignment with SDGs and national goals/mission. I hope I'm able to address your query to the best of my knowledge. Regards, Nikhil J.

Neha Patel

30-10-2019 07:51 PM

Is marketing and advertising about CSR initiatives by a company a good idea? Or does wider public view such marketing efforts in a negative light?


05-11-2019 04:29 PM

It is a good idea so that more people can take benefit of the activities Company is providing in its near by area and all the people living in the same vicinity can take advantage of it.

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