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  • Pooja V Sharma
  • 02-01-2020

Our clothes speaks before we do.
What are we communicating with our clothing with ourselves and with others? 

Clothing presents an inseparable part of the human body.

She is not my type. He couldn’t hack it. She looks friendly. He looks efficient. I can tell she is an extrovert.

“Dress poorly, and people will notice your clothes, Dress well and people will notice you” – Coco Chanel

We make snap judgments about people from the clothes they wear.

Within  3 seconds we  make 'snap judgements' about people..

After just a 3-second exposure people judged the man more favourably in the bespoke suit.  And the judgements were not about how well dressed he was.

They rated him as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner in a tailor-made suit than when he wore a high street equivalent. 

So, our clothes say a great deal about who we are and can signal a great deal of socially important things to others

a person who is well-groomed, dressed appropriately and in good taste can attend a business function or meeting and, in most cases, be readily accepted. Why? One of the key reasons is that the person's mode of dress conveys credibility, competence, and self-confidence.

It is important to choose our dress style carefully because people will make all sorts of assumptions and decisions about us without proper evidence. We are unlikely to know what these assessments are too, so it is quite possible that our clothes reveal more than we thought.

What we wear speaks volumes in just a few seconds. Dressing to impress really is worthwhile and could even be the key to success.