Human Resources and Skill Development
  • Arundhathi Baburaj
  • 04-11-2019

Over the years, campus recruitment has taken various methodologies and trends. From a pen and paper test on campus to a screening test of level 1 even before the recruiters are present at the campus venue.
Industries and organizations constantly work upon improving the hire quality and joining ratio from campus recruitment.
Sometimes it's those small steps that gives greater results.
Listed below are few of those steps, which when taken care can give a great results.

  1. Share the necessary JD and other pre-requisites well before the placement process and send reminders for the same.
  2. Student Ambassador Programmes - choose suitable candidates from the college to coordinate the pre-placement processes and processes during placements. Keep them engaged and appreciated (certificates and goodies) for the work they do.
  3. Go trendy - setup mobile / laptop applications for a simpler and easily accessible process. These apps can have the JD, requires skill sets, mock test papers and even screenings can happen over the app.
  4. Get to know the details about other companies visiting the campus on the same slot / day / week.
  5. Gauge the candidates - understand their interest levels - explain the JD to make them understand this would be a strategic career move.
  6. Get an alumini of the campus to interact with the students.
  7. Proper scheduling / timing - make sure that the candidates are interviewed in the scheduled time slots - very long waiting hours hampers the performance.
  8. Ensuring that the process closure happens on the same day - the offer letter must be handed over to the selected candidates on the same day - This ensures the sure joining of the candidates; also that they do not sit for other placements as well.
  9. Keep the candidates engaged with the company news, newsletters.
  10. Special POC arranged to know the candidate trends; also, to keep candidates informed on the newer trends of the company.
  11. Desired details (or possible queries from the candidates) must be proactively communicated - joining location, address, staying and travel expense facilities etc.
  12. Virtual workplace tour - a virtual tour of the work place though the apps / social media / pre-placement talk provides an equal amount of enthusiasm and comfort zone to the students about the workplace and work culture
  13. Conduct remote recruiting - setup VC discussions / pooled campus drives for locations farther to reach out to
  14. Student Referral Program - Obtaining referral student from the respective college professors / principals / campus alumni etc.
  15. Keep the candidates reminded of why they chose this company, what their career goals are and how far the offered job helps them materials their goals.