Human Resources and Skill Development
  • Arundhathi Baburaj
  • 04-11-2019

The focus of organizations currently lies not just with the wealth maximization. The focus is now also on the sustainability and employer branding.

Employer Branding -  the process of promoting a company, or an organization, as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain.

Below are few methods under the recruitment process, which when acted upon  promptly, gives a whole new level to the employer brand of an organization.


Sourcing Stragety

1. Visual / Social Media Impact -  Ask applicants where they first learnt about the opportunity. If it's a social networking site, give a virtual tour of the company interior, workplace and the geographical view. This makes applicants comfortable with the workplace.

2. Data Study -  Study the current data source to understand what's working and what not on the sourcing aspects.

3. Sharing vacancies with customers - The method implemented by Ikea - placing the job vacancy details and flyer in the product boxes that reaches the customer.


Other Methods

1. Consultation with the company marketing team to understand a better and cost benefit method of employer branding.

2. Check the job descriptions of competitions for similar roles and understand the aspect that drags and gains the applicant / Candidate attention.

3. Engaging passive candidate with occasional messages. Message texture - less the number and more personalized.

4. Relate the candidate as much as possible to the opportunity the company offer.

5. Listen - Listen to the career goals of the candidate, make them understand how opting for the opportunity is a career move.

6. Be honest - Be truthful on what can be offered and what not. Fake promises may help the on boarding of one employer but the same lets another 10 candidates reject the offer.

7. Connecting candidates with current employees - build a network of employees willing to interact with the candidates; this can be done by assigning them as panelists during interviews


Talk to the candidates and get the feedback on the interactive session.

8. Being an advocate - Fight for the candidates - convince hiring managers with the must have v/s the skills which they can risk on. Help them apply for another role matching their skills and aspirations (these are the things that are done by moving an extra mile ahead, byt that tubes great results).

9. Follow up - Follow up with the candidates after every round of interview. Do not forget to update about the missed out candidates. Stay in touch with them and connect with them at the earliest on the interview feedback.

10. Give them optimum time to think upon the offer.

11. During negotiation, remind them of the reasons why they initially applied to this opportunity.

12. Describe in detail on the quality and scope of the project they are to be assigned to and also about the kind of supervisor / boss they would be under to get a better picture and to drive them into the comfort zone.