Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro training

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  • Excel4all
  • 19-03-2021
Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro training

Learn Excel VBA / Macros in 2-5 days and build your own functions and tools which is not there in excel. Equip yourself in automating  repeatitive task or process and inturn save TAT .

What you can do With Excel VBA:

  • Create a File Explorer using excel
  • Consolidated 1000 Text files in 30 seconds
  • Collate Data from Mutiple sheets/workbooks in seconds
  • Create a Task Manager using Excel
  • Create an MP3 player using Excel
  • Create a File Management tool in Excel
  • Create a Screen Capture Tool in Excel
  • Create a Data Search Engine using Excel
  • Make Excel Speak like a Human
  • MIS Automation
  • Dashboard Report automation
  • Create a foolproof Training/Survey/Feedback Form
  • Join us to Make an Extra Ordinary Difference at your Workplace and be a Winner.

We provide corporate it training on advanced excel, advanced powerpoint, excel vba and macros, finance modeling  in New Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata ,Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam & Cochin.

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