In Conversation With… Rahul Saxena, Founder, Keara Enterprises

Can you please help us know your professional background?

I come from a Science background and pursued my Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences (Hons.) in the United Kingdom. Knowing the importance of management skills too, I decided to pursue a short Summer School Course in Strategic Management at London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

It helped me understand importance of management skills and guided me to pursue Masters in Business (Advanced) with majors in Entrepreneurship and Human Resources in Australia.

Besides my education, I have worked for a while in the UK, India and subsequently for 4.5 years in Australia. My employment has been in multiple sectors such as Steel, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Education in various roles of Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources and this has helped groom me into what I am pursuing today. I started my Entrepreneurial journey Part-time with my employment in Australia and gradually turned full-time entrepreneur when I moved back to India.

My education and work experience helped me learn knowledge and skills to equip me to be an Entrepreneur.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘Keara Enterprises’ & ‘Squad Connect’?

Keara Enterprises is a Parent company involved in Education (EdTech), Consumer Goods and Healthcare.

Squad Connect is the Education business which is a Mentorship service helping Students and Professionals connect with Experts in different areas for guidance and consultations. From advice on education or career planning to learning new skills such as coding, professional development, language, etc., at Squad Connect we help Students and Professionals with providing them advice at affordable cost. Further, we also help with Entrepreneurship consulting where we help aspiring Entrepreneurs with advice on ideas, how to start their business, how to follow their goals and other areas that concern aspiring entrepreneurs.

With Squad Connect, we are also starting Content Segment with Video and Audio Content on Motivation, Life Experiences and Happiness.

The healthcare and consumer goods arms of Keara Enterprises are new businesses. Do keep an eye on Keara Enterprises’s Social Media for more news about these segments.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Being entrepreneur means to me an ability to empower and transform lives. It gives me an opportunity to create positive impact in lives of people.

Being an entrepreneur is a responsibility. Responsibility towards the people who work with you – the customers, other stakeholders and the society – to transform them for better. It helps solve problems impacting people and society.

What is one best thing about your venture ‘Keara Enterprises’ & ‘Squad Connect’?

Culture. Culture at Keara Enterprises and subsequently at Squad Connect is what drives us. It is a work culture of freedom, happiness and innovation where we empower all stakeholders to voice their opinions freely and contribute to the vision of the company.

Also, our aim to bring happiness and create positive impact by solving problems directly or indirectly.

What is your approach to identifying business opportunities?

My approach to identifying business opportunities is firstly, what opportunities are present in areas of my interest as it makes the task fun and easier.

Secondly, I try to find opportunities that solve a problem. Thirdly, I look for opportunities that have prospects for growth, revenue and benefit for all stakeholders.

I look at my entrepreneurial journey as a mechanism to transform lives and therefore I try to find business opportunities through which I can impact positively the lives of people and society directly or indirectly.

As a business leader, you must have committed a few mistakes. Which mistake taught you the best lesson?

Absolutely. Mistakes are very important to be committed. They are also a proof of trying. All mistakes are a lesson and they help us grow.

One mistake that taught me best lesson was slow decision making at times. Sometimes, I waited for a while to make a decision on an important aspect. This taught me to definitely think on an important decision but decide fast and not spend time in overthinking as time is of essence. We cannot wait for perfect time and we have to make best of the resources available to us.

What is the problem you are trying to solve with your venture?

With our venture Keara Enterprises, our aim is to transform lives. With Squad Connect, Education business of Keara Enterprises, we are trying to empower lives of Students and Professionals with right mentorship to help build happy careers and happy lives. We see lot of students looking for right consultation to help them guide for Education and Career matters. With Squad Connect, we make sure that with interest of Students and Professionals at the core, we guide them with best information possible without any bias at affordable cost.

With our upcoming consumer goods and healthcare businesses too, we will aim to transform lives too.

What is your message for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

I always tell aspiring entrepreneurs, if you want to be an entrepreneur, pursue your entrepreneurship journey in area that interests you. It will make journey as an entrepreneur a Happy One.

Try to solve a problem. Do not chase glamour; work on solving a problem. As said work toward being better at your skills, as well as, solving a problem and everything else will follow.

Furthermore, always start with a small step and then gradually grow. Do not try to reach the peak at once; all great mountains need many small steps to climb.

Breaking journey into small goals make it easier.

Make a plan and work according to it. But, also be flexible and adapt the plan to the needs of market and response.

Also, take wise risks. Taking risks is important but always take wise risks. For example, if one goes for skydiving, they always take a parachute. Therefore, take calculated risks. Lot of people start their businesses part-time with a full time job. This helps them sustain themselves.

One more thing I would like to suggest is do not compare your journey with any other entrepreneur. Learn from them but don’t compare as everyone’s journey is different.

Do not wait for right time and experience. There is no perfect time. If you think you can start your entrepreneurial journey now, then you can start. Make best use of resources available to you.

Lastly, keep your eyes and ears open to inspirations, ideas and feedback. Keep your ego low as anyone with any experience or age can give you a valuable inspiration, idea and feedback.

How do you encourage your team to achieve outstanding results?

I encourage my team by giving them freedom to perform using their instincts and creativity. I also tell them a bigger picture as it helps them understand how their work is contributing to the larger organizational vision. This helps them feel valuable asset of the team.

I also believe that as management team, we have to take care of our employees, their health and well-being, their interests and their aspirations. This not only forms a happy culture which we want but as a by-product, also leads to more productivity as happy work culture motivates everyone to work better together.

How important is the workforce diversity and inclusion for your venture?

It is very important in this day and age of awareness for all enterprises and ventures to focus on workforce diversity and be inclusive. Keara Enterprises and its businesses including Squad Connect are the same.

Diversity and inclusiveness brings many social benefits. It helps people and societies to come together and bond. On work front too, it helps with new thoughts and ideas to implement, as well as, feedback to help a company grow.

We focus on being a diverse workforce and be an inclusive company. Although we are a small but growing team, we infuse culture of equality and diversity in the company. We take pride in being a a diverse and inclusive team which makes us a happy place. As we grow into bigger team, these values will help us create a work culture where everyone with any gender, race, health can come and work with us.

We believe it is an important aspect for us as we want to transform lives and the positive impact begins at home, which for us is Keara Enterprises.


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