In Conversation With… Sudheer Yarashi, Founder, Rubix Informatics

Can you please help us know your professional background?

I have done graduation in BBM (Bachelor Of Business Management). Thereafter, I completed post graduation in MCA (Master of Computer Applications). Later, I also completed GMITE (General Management Program for IT Executives) from IIM-Bangalore. I have also worked with various MNCs before starting Rubix Informatics.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘Rubix Informatics Pvt. Ltd.’?

Rubix Informatics is an IT/ IT Services/ ITeS Company (Information Technology Enabled Services), which is predominantly into Online Wellness Space: – An Online Wellness Platform has been launched on 26 January 2021; the salient features of the platform are:

We are amongst the first few N-A-H-A Online Wellness Platform in the World. N-A-H-A Stands for Naturopathy-Allopathy-Homeopathy-Ayurveda, all the Major Lines of Treatments. We focus on Holistic Health (Physical/ Mental/ Emotional/ Social/ Spiritual Health). We provide Medical Second Opinion from Expert Doctors in NAHA for all Major Ailments. We provide Specialized Pain Relief Management Services by way of ‘Regenerative Pain Therapy’. Our Doctors & Health Care Professionals can manage everything (Appointments/Video Calls etc.) via Google Calendar.

Rubix Informatics is also into other niche segments such as:

Startup Idea Validation

Startup Ideas are plenty. We help to validate startup business idea.

Social Media Marketing

We create & promote content for business in the following LIFY (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) Social Media.

Creative Content Writing

We provide premium content writing services for Corporate Brand Building, Personal Branding, Marketing, Sales Pitch, etc.

Social Media Management

We effectively manage your Social Media Handles in LIFY (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).

What was the feeling like when you got the first client appreciation for your venture ‘Rubix Informatics Pvt. Ltd.’?

Feeling was on Cloud nine. First client appreciation leads to elation and increases self confidence.

What is your approach to identify business opportunities?

  • Always uniquely establish the branding in the market
  • Do Market Research by immersing yourself in the market
  • Stay close to the customers and understand their pain points

What impact did covid-19 pandemic have on your business? What steps did you take to overcome it?

Covid-19 actually enhanced our online presence and challenged us to become much more adaptive in business. We became much more customer centric in our business and developed more channels for customers to reach us online.

How do you plan the next growth phase of your business?

Since we are into Health Tech & Online Wellness Platform, we are going to leverage Technology for our growth and sustenance. Introducing Block Chain in Healthcare is on the anvil.

What role has technology played in the success of your venture?

Technology is at the Center Stage in our Business and undoubtedly it has always supported as backbone.


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