In Conversation With… Komal Thakur, Co-founder, GKS Architects

Can you help us know about your professional background?

I am an Architect and Interior designer by profession, and the Co-Founder of GKS Architects. I hold the Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) with specialization in Architecture Education and Research (I also hold Bachelor of Architecture). I have a keen interest in Academics as well as in Educational Administration & Management.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have always been very enthusiastic towards my profession. I am a person who puts a lot of hard work, unique thoughts and creativity in my designs. I never wanted to get into a job because I like to have freedom, be independent, want to get my ideas implemented and want to be my own boss. Hence, I chose to become an entrepreneur.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘GKS Architects’?

GKS Architects is a young startup in architecture and design industry, which is co-founded in 2018 by me and Ar. Gourav Gupta. We have been taking up Architecture and Interior design consultancy projects pan India.

What role has technology played in the success of your venture?

Technology has played a vital role, especially, in the situation of Covid-19 pandemic. Technology helps us to manage our work remotely. We hold virtual meetings, discussions and interactions with our team and clients.

As a business leader you must have committed a few mistakes. Which mistake taught you the best lesson?

Yes, it’s absolutely true I have committed a lot of mistakes in the beginning of my career. My mistakes have taught me a lot; it has taught me to be calm with the clients, be persistent and always deliver on time.

As a business leader, how important is it to accept criticism and feedback gracefully?

I still remember when I entered the Professional degree of Architecture, several people criticized my decision as they believed this is a male dominating profession. Many people believed that being a female, I won’t be comfortable working on the field. However, I accepted the criticism and moved ahead.

After I graduated and entered the professional life, I found that sometimes for a few decision makers, my voice did not have the same weightage as my male counterparts.

However, now the time has changed; the criticisms that I have gone through has helped me to grow mentally strong and to do well on the field.

I always take the feedbacks in a positive way, because it helps me to learn a lot and improve.

As an entrepreneur you must be having a lot of pressure and stress. What works best for you to handle the pressure and stress?

When you are under pressure and takes a lot of stress then you will not be able to give your best. Whenever I feel pressure and stress, I go with the flow, let the things happen, don’t impose any decision on myself or anyone else forcefully, take a break and refresh, and start work again.


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