In Conversation With… Amit Bhadra, Co-founder, LIQUEsip

Can you help us know about your professional background?

I started my career in F&B industry as a guest service associate at au bon pain the American café bakery at 2013. After working for more than one and a half years, I switched the job and joined Chili’s American Grill & Bar as a server. Then gradually, I grew within the organization and promoted to bartender/Sn. Bartender /Bar Trainer/ Bar Supervisor/Global Trainer/ Bar Contact for Eastern Region India/ Beverage Manager East India. I grew up from the bottom level and reached my last position within a time frame of 5 years. Thereafter, in 2020 I started my business to become an F&B Entrepreneur from an F&B professional.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘LIQUEsip‘?

LIQUEsip is West Bengal’s one of the largest alcohol marketplaces and a legal ecommerce platform empanelled by West Bengal government to shop for beer, wine & spirits. Our customers trust us to be a part of their lives – their celebrations, parties, dinners, & quiet nights at home. We are there when it matters – committed to life’s moment and people who create them. We aspire to compete or grow bigger and better and to be number 1 in the business and provide more services, compared to any delivery e-commerce. For us, delivering cooked food, Cocktail mixers and several other things are in the pipeline.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the opportunity to take an idea and inspire other people around me to contribute to that idea, make it better and put it into action. For me an entrepreneur is a source of idea.

What is the scalability of your business? How are you planning to scale up your business?

LIQUEsip has a full-proof business model that doesn’t just look good on paper, but it also translates seamlessly into real life. It offers various functionalities that several others in the industry are still trying to perfect; some of these include:

  • Ease of use – LIQUEsip’s application has a simple and easily understandable user experience that allows customers to look for drinks of their choice. It has easy navigation that allows the customer to filter out the kind of spirit they want.
  • Knowledge of customer preference – Through its operations over the months, LIQUEsip has been able to collect information on user a preference, which allows the app to provide better services. This kind of knowledge is unmatchable.
  • Ample choice – The app has more than 1,000 products listed on the platform that offers customers with a huge range of choice. Because LIQUEsip does not add additional costs to these products, the alcohol is also provided at MRP.
  • Reach – LIQUEsip operates and offers services in more than 100+ pin code across the Kolkata.
  • In-app experience – With its easy to navigate, LIQUEsip offers a great and easy in-app experience for the customers as well as the store owners.
  • Quality of alcohol store owners – It is extremely important to make sure that the sellers in your alcohol delivery business are providing the best products. LIQUEsip makes sure of this with the help of its quality check process. This is done before a store is able to join the platform.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, it is also necessary to ensure that a top notch customer experience is offered to each and every customer that buys from the app. These experiences can lead to long term relationships with customers who will keep coming back to buy more. It is also necessary to ensure that deliveries are made as quickly as possible. People only prefer home delivery because of its fast nature, and hence an app like LIQUEsip needs to ensure that its customers’ needs are fulfilled in the assured time.

LIQUEsip understands and abides by the regulation and laws of our country. The industry is becoming competitive as more and more players are starting to see this as a viable industry. It is important for a company like LIQUEsip to understand the trends of their industry and become the first one to act on them.

What is your approach to identify business opportunities?

We listen to our customers when they’re talking about our industry, products and services. This valuable customer information helps us to identify key business opportunities to expand and develop our current services.

As a business leader, how important is it to accept criticism and feedback gracefully?

First of all, criticism helps us to get a new perspective and opens our eyes to things that we may have overlooked or never considered. Constructive criticism and feedback helps us by giving an opportunity for improvement.

How do you motivate yourself to bounce back when faced with any failure or a setback?

I motivate myself & take the responsibility for the missed opportunity. Also, I prepare myself for the letdowns that happen very often. I know that every lost opportunity, prepares me better to take advantage of the next available opportunity. Also, remind myself that I am bound to get better and not to feel down. I believe I can and I will.

What is your vision for your venture ‘LIQUEsip’ in the long run?

We LIQUEsip live on our MVP (MISSION, VISION & PASSION) such as:

Our Mission is to help the best consumers find the best service providers and promote happy transactions, and also to partner with clients to help them become high performing Organizations.

Our Vision is to be the best in the e-commerce platform in liquor delivery, and bring about ultimate satisfaction to all the customers and merchants.

Our Passion is to be the global leader in delivering liquor by 2025, and also bring joy and happiness to customers and merchants through our prompt service.


*All views are that of the interviewee. UdyamGyan does not promote or endorse any claims.

*At UdyamGyan, we do not encourage or promote alcohol consumption in anyway.

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