In Conversation With… Twinkle Bagkar, Co-founder, Weblozee

Can you help us know about your professional background?

I am Twinkle Bagkar. Currently, I am the Co-founder of Weblozee IT Solutions. We are based in Goa, India. After completing the Bachelors degree in Engineering in Information Technology, I have worked as a professional PHP developer in many companies. Eventually, I completed MBA from NMIMS. Thereafter, I Co-founded Weblozee with a friend Mr. Jagannath Porob.

Can you please tell us about your venture ?

Weblozee IT Solutions is an IT company based in Goa. Our motto is to build a better digital space for all types of business. We believe that every business should be available on the internet, considering the fast pace of today’s business environment. Our main services include: Web development, App development, Graphic designing, Software development, Social media marketing and Digital marketing.

What is your approach to identify business opportunities?

We built our social and digital background first so that people could relate with the results. Also, the best method to find business opportunities is to seek them.

What is one best thing about your venture?

The best thing about our venture is how the team acts together. I, along with my team we are always looking for new ideas and innovations. We never stop learning. Of course , understanding human (customer) psychology is a major part of my job which I always enjoy. Being an extrovert in nature, I never feared talking to new people.

As a business leader, what motivates you the most to keep pushing yourself to do better on a daily basis?

The opportunity to learn something new. Every day has been evolving us like never before.

How do you build an effective team to work along with you?

Having worked with various companies in different roles earlier, I feel I have lived through most of the difficulties a team mate/ employee deals with. The only way to build the best team is to stay calm, be friendly, share thoughts, resolve conflicts and always begin the day with a clean slate, with no pending issues in mind and work tasks too.

What is the scalability of your business? How are you planning to scale up your business?

Our team has been constantly developing and growing new ideas. Our recent idea which drastically took off was an online platform to buy fish – QuickyShop. Also, as they say hard work always pays off; hence, we plan to only work harder.

What role has technology played in the success of your venture?

As we are an IT company , technology is what we earn our living from. But however, educating people about the profits and loss of their business with technology collaborations have helped us the most.

What is your message for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

No business is big or small. Every student or youngster has their own way to learn. But stopping at one goal is the biggest blocker of life. Always dream to compete at a bigger scale. And be positive while you compete. Also, having principles is the most important thing in business.

Quote by Jagannath Porob, Co-founder, Weblozee IT Solutions: “Weblozee has been a dream to all of us. Living this dream is the success we gain every day. Hoping to achieve greater heights always, we aspire to be the world’s best and the most creative company.”


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