In Conversation With… Nidhi Jain, Founder & CEO, KareXpert

Can you please help us know your professional background?

I have strong academic background- B.Tech Computer Science 1993 from IIT Roorkee, M.Tech Computer Science from JNU, Delhi and MBA from California State University, San Jose, USA. I also have 20+ years of experience, including 10 Years in the USA working with different Silicon Valley startups. In India, I have worked as a Product Head in Mahindra Comvia for their flagship products – Ringbacktone and Mobiquity – Fintech product, before starting my own venture KareXpert in Digital Healthcare.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I think entrepreneur is a bug which exist in you since birth you just have to recognize it and try it. So I do have since my childhood. I am always inspired by the people who create business empires and touch millions of people without having even too many resources to begin with. To name a few people who inspire me are Tata Family, Mahindra Group, Ambani Family, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, etc. They not only create product value, but also create a lot of employment opportunities for young generation.

I am a product person by heart and a techie by brain. I have always enjoyed working with product startup companies. So when the right maturity, right skill set and right funding came together at the same time, I started this KareXpert journey.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘KareXpert’?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all understood the value of digital health records, remote care etc. However, at KareXpert we realized this gap very early on. Healthcare IT is a weak sector right now.

KareXpert, a Jio Platform funded venture, has built an AI-led, cloud-based Digital Healthcare Platform for Hospitals. This platform brings all the healthcare modules together as a pre-integrated stack at fraction of cost. This includes Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, LIMS, RIS/PACS, Pharmacy, Telemedicine, Medical IoT, Advanced BI, Connected Ambulance, and many more.

Existing legacy solutions are causing broken patient journeys, loss of revenue, poor operating efficiency, and substantial hidden costs. It also affects the ability of the hospital to give a higher quality of care to patients and make it more affordable.

In order to solve these issues, KareXpert did a two year research and then developed the digital healthcare platform using a limitlessly scalable technology stack (rather than a legacy product) and integrated approach. The platform-based approach comes with pre-integrated and ready-to-service full-stack solutions.

Coupled with Digital Healthcare, a platform-based technology, KareXpert brings a SaaS-based commercial model approach where hospitals simply pay a fixed monthly fee.  Using our patient-first and mobile-first approach, the Digital Healthcare Platform will revolutionize the Hospital IT as it brings the speed of business with innovation using most modern software technologies at a fraction of cost. This will solve most of the chronic issues of currently siloed systems in the hospitals.

What is your business/ revenue model?

It is SaaS-based model, monthly or yearly subscription service, no upfront lock-in cost for the healthcare providers. Innovation is the key in today’s time so SaaS is primarily the way to go.

What is one best thing about your venture ‘KareXpert’?

At KareXpert, our culture is the most important part. We believe in individual ownership and provide nurturing environment to learn and grow at the same time. We also believe that no-one is perfect and has the right skill set, which is required in all the time changing environment. So, agility with speed is required, which can be conquered through connected intelligence.

What is the best moment in your professional journey so far?

Product which is thought and built internally, and liked by customer is the best moment of the journey.

How important is the work culture for the success of your company? How do you promote a friendly and positive work environment in your venture?

As I discussed earlier, it is the most important part. Open to speak, Open to Deliver and Open to try new technology/process is the way we have adopted in KareXpert.

Describe your venture ‘KareXpert’ in one sentence.

AI-led Digital Healthcare Platform to revolutionize Healthcare IT.

What is your message for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

Love the work you do; have your ears and eyes open for feedback and be agile, and don’t assume early success. It’s a long journey with sleepless nights.


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