In Conversation With… Suba Dravida, Founder & CEO, Transcell Biologics

Can you please help us know your professional background?

I am a trained stem cells and tissue engineering researcher and biotechnologist with clinical informatics and rational drug designing skill sets. I did my PhD from Canada and worked in academia and the industry in the US, participating in bench to bedside programs translating technologies.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a stable job career?

I developed an aversion to employee’s limitations and the disconnect with the management, working as a scientist in my early professional journey. I truly believed that I can deliver my personal legend of translating intellectual property to real time applications in my lifetime by being an experimentalist turned entrepreneur. It became logical for me to choose entrepreneurship over a job, as I have an ingrained appetite to take the road not taken before.

Can you please tell us about your new venture Transcell Biologics?

Transcell Biologics is a biotech that is into translating adult stem cell technology and prowess into real time applications. Transcell Biolife is Transcell Biologics’s subsidiary and is a next generation bio bank for intended applications. Transcell Oncologics is Transcell Biologics’s 2nd subsidiary and is into cancer drug discovery, services and products.

What is your business/ revenue model?

Transcell earns from bio banks’s storage service; technology service being provided for stem cell transplantations; and by selling cell based platforms as products to pharma/bio researchers.

How are you different from the competition in your niche? What is your USP?

There is no competition to Transcell’s offerings. Each of the offerings is built on Transcell’s own Intellectual Property.

How are you utilizing the technology for your services and make it more user friendly?

Technology (Both IT and Bio) is integral part of Transcell’s foundation and offerings.

How do you plan the next growth phase of your business?

By attracting strategic partners to be part of the growth phase.

How do you think the industry niche in which your business operates has evolved over time? In what direction do you see the industry moving in the future?

The business evolution is evolving applications of the product. The industry is moving towards consolidation in transformational medicine.

What is the biggest challenge that your firm is facing at the moment? How do you plan to overcome it?

Commitment and talent are the biggest challenges; we have plans to strategically overcome it.


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