In Conversation With… Sajith Abraham, Co-Founder,

Can you please help us know your professional background?

 I am a B.Tech Agricultural Engineering Graduate from Gujarat Agricultural University

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘’? is primarily working on making farm mechanization accessible to small and marginal farmers. Our aim is to make available farm machinery such as tractors, implements (simple and specialized) as well as machines. The machines are available for transportation of agri-produce to the market, harvesting, farm inputs and financing under a single umbrella to the farmer, making it a simple, assisted process for the farmer.

What impact did covid-19 pandemic have on your business? How do you plan to overcome it?

Frankly, Covid helped us a great deal in reimagining our business and to incorporate more focus on our digital presence. Till then we were driving the offline market well, and had made a great deal of progress in winning trust of buyers and sellers in the locations we were working in. Covid gave us the time to revamp our website, which is still ongoing. It also helped us plan for better scaling up using technology and the effort is already paying off.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Being an entrepreneur is about creating value. And while you do that, have fun in the process.

What role has technology played in the success of your venture?

Frankly, we were so obsessed with the offline growth, that we did not take a breather to work on the digital presence. However, as of today, we see that we are able to reach farmers deeper in the country, allow them a prelim check of the vehicle at the comfort of their homes, allow them to connect to us immediately, and close the deal. I am overwhelmed with the response digital penetration can bring even in this space.

How are you helping the farmers with your innovative idea?

Our aim is to help small and marginal farmers with mechanization. Today farmers have limited options for purchase of used tractors. Our platform helps them select from various options; visit our standardized showrooms; check the valuation report of the vehicle (each vehicles undergoes a 70 point check) and then decide on the purchase. Our team also helps them with end to end documentation, financial support through partner banks, all at no extra cost.

What is the best moment in your professional journey so far?

I would want to say, that the best moment would have been the night I decided that i wanted to create something that makes a difference, and in a way that we don’t build an organization but a family of people passionately working towards making this a success.

What is your vision for your venture ‘’ in the long run?

 Meratractor will become the one stop solution for all things agri. A farmer can walk in for any requirement from farm inputs, to a harvester machine, will know that by the time he walks out, he has what he needs.

What are the relevant leadership qualities in today’s world?

 Patience, Perseverance and Passion. Rest all is just plain hard work.


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