In Conversation With… Sakina Bharmal, Founder, Urban Zen

Can you please help us know your professional background?

After completing my PGDM, I worked with organizations such as Unilever, L&T InfoTech and then forayed my journey into consulting. I always wanted to work in the space of development after realizing my passion for human behavior and understanding why people do, what they do.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘Urban Zen’?

Urban Zen focuses on building the culture of creativity and well-being within organizations across the world. Urban Zen does mindset and capability building programs, retreats and interventions for individuals and corporate.

What is your business model/ revenue model?

Our business works on growing Inspiration – Involvement and Impact. Organizations that want to grow for the future, invest in our developmental programs.

How do you view the competition in the industry/niche that you operate in?

There are a lot of organizations that are working in the same space. The industry is highly fragmented. Our view is to remove the fuzziness about the concept of well being and creativity.

What is your approach to identify business opportunities?

Our goal is – Relationships first – Outcomes later. Most of our work comes from word of mouth of employees who have experienced impact from our work. We aim to nurture long term strategic relationships.

What is your vision for your venture ‘ Urban Zen ’ in the long run?

I see Urban – Zen becoming a second language for organizations. We see experts being empaneled with us who are specialists in a certain science such as art therapy, neurology and proving their services and flagship programs. We will continue to provide customized solution to our clients.

What impact did covid-19 pandemic have on your business? How do you plan to overcome it?

COVID has made all our interventions go virtual, which means lower hours of touch point with participants, this also impacts the experience we can provide in terms of workshop ambience, one-on-one conversations with right privacy. We look forward to the world going back to normal with personalized workshops, but will also to be ready for possibilities of being 50% virtual.

As an entrepreneur you must be having a lot of pressure and stress. What works best for you to handle the pressure and stress?

As an entrepreneur, uncertainty is the most challenging precedent for us. For me, I take breaks often, take a pause and step back, regain my energy and get back working in full splendor.


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